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New Back Relief Product Putting Chiropractors Out of Business

IronSpine posture adjuster eases invisible pain for thousands.

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Introducing the IronSpine, for a strong, flexible, and protected spine. Helps ease spinal suffering through instant, advanced, and personalized posture adjustment, fixing back pain at its source.

Harness the power of posture for true spinal health from the inside out.

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Back Pain
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Personal posture calibration: fast, long-lasting spinal health results tailored to an individual’s spine, providing a gentle personal touch, instead of a useless one-size-fits-all gimmick. The IronSpine is a feather light device that gently helps to correct posture that is damaging the back.

Adjust, heal, and protect the spine for long-lasting relief from back pain without pills or surgery.

Pain-free backs help us to keep up with life, naturally. We don’t realize how often modern living puts our spines in extremely damaging positions. IronSpine helps our posture get back on track and even reverse damage with an easy, at-home, back-pain solution. 

Doctors warn: bad posture is drastically more dangerous than we think. The IronSpine is designed to correct posture from the inside out for serious, long-lasting strength and pain relief.

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Poor spinal health is linked to chronic back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, digestive issues, restricted blood circulation, and even depression. Use the shockingly effective IronSpine method to avoid and even reverse these serious health issues.

IronSpine is tailored to each person for easy, comfortable daily adjustment.

No more false starts, painful and embarrassing physical therapy, dangerous hospital visits, or life-threatening pills: personalized posture plan works easily and comfortably at home to improve spinal health over time. The IronSpine is designed for instant pain relief, gradual reversal of long-term damage, and eventually a lifetime of a strong, healthy back.

Experts say a strong spine is crucial for health, energy, and longevity.

The benefits of a strong spine last a lifetime:

  • back and body pain relief 

  • reduced tension headaches and TMJ 

  • increased energy 

  • decreased abnormal joint wear 

  • increased lung capacity

  • increased circulation

  • de-constricted nerves

  • taller appearance

  • increased self-confidence

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Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor
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“I forgot I was wearing it!”

Feather-light, only noticed when needed.

The IronSpine is thoughtfully designed for everyday use: at home, at work, and out and about. Amazing micro-technology guarantees big changes come in a tiny package. The micro-adjuster sends instant, discreet signals when the back is out of alignment.

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What are people saying about IronSpine?

Happy Woman
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We Got Our Groove Back

I love my IronSpine. I went from hunched over to tall and proud again for the first time in years. My husband was so shocked that he got one for himself. Now we both feel incredible!

--Julie K., Arkansas

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Essential for Stand-up Jobs

After working on my feet as a nurse all day long, the first thing I want to do when I get home is sit down and take my shoes off. But my back pain was getting so bad that even sitting down sent shooting pain up my spine. My coworker recommended IronSpine and I could finally relax again after just a couple weeks.

-- Miranda F., Illinois

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No More Pills

My back was hurting so bad that even watching TV was painful and the amount of pills I needed to manage the pain was starting to worry my family. I decided to try IronSpine after watching a TV show about posture, and boy am I glad I did! I am OFF the pills, for good. After seeing some people destroy their lives with dependence issues, I truly feel like IronSpine saved my life. Thank you!!!

-- Lydia R., Washington

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Image by Jared Rice
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40 hours of use: only 30 minutes of charge.

The IronSpine is an easy daily commitment to spinal health for incremental and long-lasting change. Charge when convenient, and use daily without worrying about it going kaput.

Top-of-the-line gravity sensor guarantees precise alignment, and measurable results.

The IronSpine is built around world-class components, including a precision gravity sensor. Advanced technology paired with precise engineering– take the guesswork out of good posture and a healthy spine.

Heal your spine, reverse damage, and look forward to a life free from back-pain-- all with one simple product.

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How does IronSpine feel?

IronSpine is designed and optimized for everyday use. It is so light that it shouldn’t be noticeable after becoming accustomed to the personal posture adjustment plan. When there is a slip and slouch, a gentle but firm buzz will nudge towards better posture.

Can I use IronSpine all day long?

The IronSpine cannot be used while swimming, showering, or laying down. It can and should be used while sitting, walking, standing, and exercising. Poor posture leaks into back damage and pain in all of our daily activities, and the IronSpine’s personalized, sensitive calibrations mean that we are able to benefit from its healing properties as we move throughout the day.

How quickly will I notice results?

IronSpine users can see results just after 30 minutes of use. Most people don’t realize how bad their posture really is, and the quick initial adjustments bring forth near-immediate relief from tension and pain. After 2 weeks, most IronSpine users report incredible reversals of damage and pain that had been haunting them for years. Thousands have become accustomed to chronic pain, but don’t need to suffer any longer.. IronSpine quickly replaces painful posture with a naturally healthy and revitalized back.

How exactly does IronSpine work?

It’s easy! Simply follow the included directions to place the IronSpine unit on the back. Then, with a couple of taps, input personalized posture goals into the connected app on iPhone or Android. After that, the IronSpine does the rest, providing comprehensive data and corrections for a strong, flexible posture and a healthy spine. The precision-engineered and personally calibrated gravity sensor instantly corrects damaging posture, and retrains the back to be straight, strong, and healthy. Simply set goals, and when the alignment slips off track, IronSpine will gently buzz until ideal alignment is achieved again. And because IronSpine is built to be personalized, goals can shift over time as alignment improves and the back gets stronger, following a journey toward lifelong spinal health.

How does improving my posture help with my back pain?

The majority of chronic back pain that Americans experience is linked to improper posture, unaligned body mechanics, and repetition and overuse of certain muscles. Our modern world does nothing to help us with these issues. In fact, it’s nearly impossible for most people to spend their days in healthy alignment– until now. The IronSpine was engineered with the modern back-pain sufferer in mind, to help ease pain, tension, and discomfort at the source.

Are there any side effects?

No. The IronSpine is the leading choice for healthcare professionals due to its targeted and personalized posture adjustment. Experts trust IronSpine for its easy, safe, and effective incremental improvement process. 

How do you ensure my credit card or other payment information remains secure?

We use 256-bit SSL security to process your online order - the same “gold standard” the US military uses for encoded transmissions. In addition, we do not store your credit card information in our system after purchase. Your information is as safe as can be!

How long will it take to get my IronSpine?

We dispatch every product within 24 hours of receiving your order - even on holidays! Shipping times can vary depending on where you live and the current load of the courier service, but many customers receive their order at their doorstep within 7-10 days of purchase.

What if I have issues with my product?

Just email us and we’ll help you out. We’re happy to walk you through the use of your IronSpine, and if you have any issues, you can always send back your product within the first 30 days of your purchase for a full, no-questions-asked refund.

I have more questions - can you help?

Absolutely! Just drop us a line and we’ll get back to you within one business day to answer any questions, concerns, or queries you may have.

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Try IronSpine Today for a

Healthier, Happier Tomorrow

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