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This Product Saved My Sanity—And My Family!

Read on for the story of a loud Grandma, and her ingenious relatives...

My Grandma is the LOUDEST person on the planet.

I don’t know how she manages to do it, since she is 87 years young and pretty petite, but EVERYTHING she does is the loudest thing ever. It’s fine with her, but it’s bad for me, her roommate.

I know it’s a little bit crazy to live with my Grandma at my age (42).  But after the divorce, I felt like I needed to be around family. Plus, my Grandma was starting to get lonely in her old age, I think.  Grandpa had passed away more than a decade ago.

When I first moved in, I thought that maybe Grandma was just used to living alone, and that’s why she was just so gosh-darn loud.

But one day, my temper got the best of me, so I spoke up.

“Grandma, you are so loud when you cook! Can you PLEASE stop banging around so much, please, please?” I begged her.

“I’M NOT LOUD,” my Grandma yelled back at me as she slammed a pot onto the stove like she was trying to break its handle off.

It’s like she didn’t even know how loud she was being!

And it wasn’t just in the kitchen, either. She scream-sang in the shower. She had the TV blasting all night long (to help her sleep, she said). And when her friends came over—what a ruckus! They were all screaming over each other like they were at a rock concert!

I had moved in with my Grandma for some peace of mind, and now my nerves were beyond frazzled.

One day, when I was talking to my mom on the phone, I told her how unbelievably loud Grandma was, and asked her if she had any advice.

“She’s always been like that,” my mom said, “That’s why I don’t like being indoors with her. Outside at a barbecue or something it’s not so bad.”

Dear Lord.

I decided to try wearing earplugs.  They were extremely uncomfortable, but at least they blocked out the noise.

At first.

Within 2 or 3 times of wearing them, the ear plugs always stopped working and got weirder feeling in my ears.

I complained about it to my mom again, and she shrugged me off.

“Maybe you should find your own place?” my mom suggested.

But I honestly didn’t feel ready to live on my own.  The divorce had really thrown my whole life for a loop.  So even though my Grandma was as loud as 1,000 people screaming into a bullhorn, I had to figure this out.

Then I had a lightbulb moment! I’ll find an expert.

Who knows how to deal with the loudest woman on earth?

My mom was no help. She either avoided my Grandma or encouraged her to watch TV, which they could do together even though it was so loud it was like the actors were personally yelling all their lines into their ears.

But then I realized who DEFINITELY had a solution—

My uncle!

He would come hang out with my Grandma all the time, with no complaints about noise. Plus, he used to be a DJ and still went to tons of loud live shows. And even though he was surrounded by overwhelming loudness at all times, he was one of the happiest people I knew.

If anyone had the secret to a peaceful life amidst loud chaos, it was him!

The next time Uncle Bill came over, Grandma had decided to make lasagna for dinner.

While she slammed and chopped and scraped away in the kitchen, my uncle sat happily at the counter chatting with her.

She didn’t seem to hear much of what he was saying, but she was obviously happy to have her son spending time with her.

“Hi Uncle Bill!” I said, and gave him a hug.

“Well hi sweetheart! What’s shakin?” he asked as he hugged me back.

I sat down next to him.

“I need to ask you something,” I said to him, seriously.

“Uhh... if you need money...” he started.

“NO, no, not at all!” I told him. “I need help with Grandma. To be blunt, how do you put up with all the noise she makes?”

“What noise?” my uncle asked.

I stared at him, shocked. Did he really not hear it??

“Just kidding!!” he laughed, “Sorry, but the look on your face!”

He laughed again and shook his head.

“Anyway, I have been a DJ, I’ve been to hundreds of live rock shows, been yelled at by many girlfriends,” he winked, “And I have NEVER encountered anything or anyone louder than your Grandma.”

“She could drown out The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl!!” he said, laughing.

I laughed and agreed.

“So how do you drown her out without becoming deaf yourself?” I asked him.

“Easy!” he said, and pulled a tiny thing out of his ear.  I didn’t even notice he had anything in there.

“This is a Tiny Dynamo earbud,” he said, and smiled.

“Growing up with your Grandma as my mother, I have tried dozens of noise-cancelling ear plugs.  And even some white noise machines!”

He laughed and shook his head.

“What a waste of money! Nothing is more powerful than the noise your Grandma makes. Except these Tiny Dynamo noise-cancelling earbuds.  They work so well! Unlike any other earbud on the market, they have a choice of three interchangeable sound-muting cores,” he explained.

“Geez, that sounds pretty fancy for ear-plugs!” I said.

“You’re not wrong,” Uncle Bill smiled, “But it just means that when you have Tiny Dynamo, you have the choice of three different variations on the noise-cancelling power.”

He went on…

“For example, for your Grandma, I use the commute cores.  They’re designed for commuters to block train, plane, and car noise, while letting you hear what you want to hear.”

“I found that they let me block out the loudest and most jarring of Grandma’s noises, but I can still hear what I want to hear.  It makes it MUCH more pleasant to be around her.”

“The second set of cores is called concert cores.  This is perfect for high-decibel events where you want to hear what’s going on, but not so loudly that you damage your ears.”

“These are crucial for people who like to watch TV even a little bit loudly.  Repeated listening of sounds as quiet as 85 decibels can cause permanent hearing loss.”

“Lastly, there are the ocean quiet cores.  These cancel all ambient noise, and let you fall asleep up to 12 times faster than without them. I sleep better than any baby I know!”

I was extremely impressed.

I did have a question though.

“Why on EARTH didn’t you tell me about these sooner??” I asked Uncle Bill.

He laughed.

“I honestly wasn’t sure everyone had the same problem! I thought that maybe all the shows and concerts made my ears more sensitive to loud noises,” he explained, “But now I know for sure that your Grandma’s just as loud as a pro-wrestling match.”

I laughed and shook my head at the image of my Grandma in a singlet, waving a folding chair around.

“But I am sorry I didn’t warn ya sooner,” he said with a smile, “By the way, if they’re sold out, just keep checking back. I went to buy a pair for my girlfriend because she was complaining about my snoring. They were out of stock since they went viral, but I was able to order them just a few days later.”

“Sounds good,” I said, “And I forgive you for keeping them a secret, as long as I get dibs on the leftover lasagna!!”

We had a great dinner, but I felt anxious.

I couldn’t wait to check on Tiny Dynamos!  Were they really the answer to my prayers?

After dinner, Grandma and Uncle Bill settled in front of the TV (turned all the way up, of course) while I went to my room to get on my computer.

I eagerly searched for Tiny Dynamos.

And I was shocked by what I saw!

There were 9,428 5 star reviews!

After reading so many positive reviews, I knew that Tiny Dynamos were my answer.

And with a 30-day money-back guarantee, I knew I had nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

I decided to take action and order 2 pairs of Tiny Dynamo Earbuds. But when I clicked on the page, they were SOLD OUT!! Thank goodness Uncle Bill had warned me, or I really would have freaked out. Still, I checked back on their website every hour, and luckily, they came back in stock the very next day.

When I saw that, I clicked the BUY NOW button so fast my fingers were burning! I felt a great sense of relief wash over me when I got my confirmation email. My Tiny Dynamo Earbuds were on their way.

The moment they arrived in the mail, I put them in, with the commuter core, and walked out to the living room, where Grandma was reorganizing her books, slamming them around loud enough to make the cat fear for its life.

Here was the moment of truth…

I could barely believe it, but…

The Tiny Dynamos worked! It was amazing what I wasn’t hearing! I spent the whole day with my Grandma, and really appreciated what a fun and wonderful lady she was.

I was able to get to know her better than ever before because I wasn’t so irritated by how loud she was!

I called my mom and told her the amazing news.

“Really?” she asked me, “How could they really work? I’ll believe it when I see it.”

“Come see it whenever you want, Mom! I got a pair for you too!” I told her excitedly.

A week later, my mom finally came by.  I slipped her the extra pack of Tiny Dynamos that I had ordered and she went into the bathroom to put them in.

She came out with a huge smile on her face.

She gave her mom a humungous hug, and the three of us whiled away a wonderful evening together, for the first time in years.

I’m so happy with our Tiny Dynamos. They have saved my relationship with my Grandma and my living situation.  And with the ocean quiet cores, I sleep better than I have in my whole life!

Our family is happy and healthy and spending lots of time with my Grandma, instead of leaving her to be one of those lonely old people.

Tiny Dynamo Earbuds recently went viral for being the only noise-canceller with three interchangeable cores.

Ever since, they have been FLYING off the shelves!

Make sure you order yours before the manufacturer has to restock, which could take months and be twice as expensive.

Click below to see if you qualify for a discount!

Tiny Dynamo Advertorial: About Me
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