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Seven Cells: Website Update

Summer 2022

Seven Cells is an independent American pharmacy focused on health and lifestyle optimization achieved through access to a la carte wellness. In an ongoing project, I helped completely rewrite and reformat product descriptions to elicit excitement and convey critical information about complex products. Behind the scenes, I am creating a blog with a dedicated SEO strategy, writing emails and collaborating on email strategy, writing and collaborating on ad copy, providing copy for landing pages, and reworking the rest of the website copy to reflect the brand voice and values.


IT Cybersecurity Landing Page

June, 2021

This is a landing page for an IT security firm who wanted something a little different for their B2B audience: a landing page with a strong storytelling element. I reveled in telling the story of Ben, the hapless paralegal, and the IT security company who saved the day.

A Woman Writing by the Window

JournalOwl Blog Posts

April/May 2021

After being given post headlines and instructions to be creative, here's what I came up with: SEO-friendly copy in the mental health space with a focus on journaling. Find out how you can harness the power of written introspection!

Various backgrounds for various entrepreneurs!

The Dumpster Fire Podcast

April, 2021

The Dumpster Fire Project is a podcast created and co-hosted by Erik and Murray, two budding entrepreneurs who want to figure out how to build businesses and while keeping themselves and each other accountable. They invited me on to discuss copywriting generally, their websites in particular, and the foibles of business-building. In the episode, I share my #1 favorite resource for aspiring copywriters, and tips for business owners who want to tell compelling (and well-selling) stories about themselves.

Image by Daniel Tran

50 Things To Know About Being a Philosophy Major

December 2020

A year's end project giving the basic information prospective philosophy students should know. Coming from my experience as a philosophy major and a PhD dropout-- an insider's look into a major that many people consider to be silly, mostly because it is.


SplashFoam Sales Page

October, 2020

This is the sales page for Splash, the incredible foaming toilet cleaner! Foam, brush, and flush, because we love a rhyme while we clean our porcelain thrones!

Curiosity whetted? Please reach out to ask about my fiction project(s), editing experience, academic experience, and more. Marketing copywriting is only one facet of my adroit and adept writing career!

Notebook and Pen


My Copywriting Portfolio

My career as a copywriter is dynamic and gives me daily learning opportunities. I love to research and write and tweak until the marketing message is perfect. Copywriting is a homecoming for someone like me-- consummately curious, and hungry to share.


"What had once been dedicated to the soul was now dedicated to the sale"

Ignatius J. Reilly


"We have had the pleasure of working with Samantha for two projects now. We are blown away with the results so far and the professionalism that Samantha demonstrates! She is extremely easy to work with, asks all the right questions, and delivers quality results. It's difficult to find people that really get it, especially when it comes to copywriters, but Samantha is one of those. The first project we needed was copy for a landing page, which Samantha delivered incredibly quickly for us! Quality work at great value that wowed our client and did not take forever to turn around for us. We were so pleased with the results that we hired Samantha to write an email campaign sequence for us. Once again, Samantha delivered amazing work quickly that has been delivering great results for us!"

Christian Williams | CEO, Freshwave Media


Time To Outsource Your Copywriting

Let me help you help yourself to a bigger slice of the market, a cleaner manuscript, diligent and organized research, or anything else you could desire from a professional writer/copywriter. 

Take it easy!

Samantha Knock
San Diego, California

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